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Food Pairing 101

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You don’t have to rely on your server to give you the perfect drink recommendation when you may find it yourself.

Learning how to elevate your meals with food pairing will improve your takeout and sit-down dinners. You don’t have to rely on your server to give you the perfect drink recommendation when you may find it yourself. A newly popular website,, lets you input ingredients, and it will calculate how similar their food profiles are. Generally, you want to keep like with like, texture with texture, and avoid bitterness!

What to Drink with Seafood

An acidic drink will pair nicely with a salad, seafood, or heavier foods. A safe bet is ordering an acidic drink like a very crispy white wine like pinot grigio or a citrus cocktail like our Smirnoff crushes or mojitos. Seafood like our Key Lime Salmon sandwich or crab dip will be perfect with one of the drinks mentioned above, or you can try Down East Unfiltered Cider from our draft. Check out our menu for more beers!

What to Drink with Steaks

Heavier meals that are super savory, like a nice cut of steak, should be paired with a drink that has a lot of tannins. Tannins are compound molecules in wine that give you that mouthfeel. Red wines typically have more white tannins because white and rose wines are fermented with as few grape components as possible. The tannins in wine will attach to the fats in a fatty meal like duck or steak and boost their flavors. Fortunately, if you hate red wine, you can find tannins in pomegranates and tea as well. 

Sweet tooth?

Like we said for National Rum Day, pair sweet with sweet. However, make sure your drink is sweeter than your dessert. For example, if you have a fudge cake, then pair it with a port. If you want spicy food, beware that alcohol increases the intensity of spices. On the other hand, sweeter drinks like rum and coke or Riesling will complement your spicy dish. Something like our Baby Back Ribs would pair nicely with a slightly sweet drink. 


State Fare is conveniently located at 748 Frederick Road in Catonsville, Maryland. Our extensive menu has a variety of unique options for breakfast, lunch, and dinner that are sure to please even the pickiest of eaters. We even have many vegetarian, vegan, and gluten-free options! Our fully-stocked bar holds a huge collection of bourbons and whiskeys, as well as several different wines. On tap, we have several different local craft beers to show off the best beer that Maryland has to offer. We’re open every day from 8 am until 2 am, so make your reservation or just stop in and see us today! Follow our blog and Facebook to keep up with all of the latest news!

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