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3 Surprising Health Benefits of Drinking Beer

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Sometimes after a particularly long, hard day, you want nothing more than to sit in a comfortable chair and crack open a cold beer.

Sometimes after a particularly long, hard day, you want nothing more than to sit in a comfortable chair and crack open a cold beer. Why is it that beer is a guilty pleasure? Well, it turns out the beer actually has some redeeming qualities. Many people associate beer with an inevitable beer belly, weight gain, and other negative or undesirable side effects. Even so, it doesn’t have to be that way. Read on to learn a few reasons why having a beer in moderation might actually be a healthy choice.

Macros And Micros

One of the most common associations to beer is the beer belly. This is because beer actually packs a pretty substantial nutrient load. There are calories, and when your drink has many calories, it becomes easy to get too many. Surprisingly enough, those calories offer both macronutrient and micronutrient value. Beer often contains protein, vitamin B, and antioxidants in higher quantities than other drinks. Beer often also has silicon and both folate and niacin. Finally, some preliminary research shows that beer also contains helpful prebiotics that can improve gut health.

Silicon Salvation

As mentioned above, beer is one of a few dietary sources of silicon, but why is that important? Silicon is a key component in both brain and bone health. Studies have shown a correlation between beer consumption and increased bone density in men. Silicon helps protect the brain from compounds that may be linked to cognitive decline as well.

Diabetes, Heart Health, Inflammation, and Clean Teeth

Beer is also being linked to a host of other medical improvements. Some studies are showing a link between beer consumption and decreased risk of diabetes. Others show links between beer drinking and slower loss of “good” cholesterol (this can also improve brain function over time). Another study has shown that beer keeps bacteria from growing on your teeth and creating the biofilm that contributes to tooth decay. Finally, some studies are also showing a link between beer and decreased inflammation. Generally speaking, there are many possible benefits from consuming beer in moderation. Remember that drinking too much has its own risks, but a single beer a day may improve your health and make you happier overall.


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