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Is a Whiskey Glass Worth the Hype?

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Drinking exceptional whiskey is an experience, and your glass should amplify that.

Drinking exceptional whiskey is an experience, and your glass should amplify that. Over the centuries since whiskey was invented, people have curated the best way to drink it. As a whiskey-tasting bar, State Fare serves our whiskey cocktails in beautiful glassware that will complement your drinking experience.

The Best Shape For a Whiskey Glass

Similar to wine, drinking whiskey is a sensory experience. When you first lay eyes on a glass of whiskey, your mind is beginning to wonder what it tastes like. As you put the glass to your lips, the dark aroma of aged whiskey hits your nostrils before the liquid touches your lips. At your first sip, all of your senses are activated, and the alcohol warms your throat as you swallow. To get this experience, you need a glass that encourages you to sip the whiskey. The perfect shape for a whiskey glass will hold the whiskey at the bottom and become thinner as it reaches the lip of the glass. Like something on a pint glass, a thick rim encourages chugging, which is great for beers, but not for whiskey. 

Lead-Free Crystal Glass

Over the evolution of glassware, crystal has become more coveted for whiskey glasses. It is more durable than glass and is less likely to chip. Because whiskey glasses are thin at the rim, they are fragile. Crystal glassware allows a crystal-clear look at your whiskey. Originally, crystal glassware was made with lead oxide. You will only be at risk of lead poisoning if the alcohol is left for a long time in the glass. Decanters are the perfect example of something that could contaminate the alcohol inside. Today, many manufacturers produce lead-free crystal glassware. Generally, lead-free crystal glassware is more affordable than its counterpart. Lead-free crystal glassware is stronger than glass but weaker than leaded crystal. If you do not leave your alcohol in glasses, you can consider the leaded crystal glassware. 


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