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National Rum Day at State Fare

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Rum is a great liquor that should be celebrated on National Rum Day at State Fare with our delicious menu.

Rum, a great liquor by itself or in a mixed drink, should be celebrated on National Rum Day at State Fare with our delicious menu. Rum is a liquor distilled from sugarcane juice or sugarcane molasses and comes in a few varieties: spiced rum, dark rum, and light rum. There is, of course, flavored rum like coconut or vanilla rum.

Celebrate Early

Our bottomless brunch on Saturday and Sunday will get the party going. We offer classic mimosas, our Smirnoff crushes, and Bloody Mary’s. However, a beautiful morning rum cocktail that pairs nicely with anything on our brunch menu would be a rum punch. If you are looking for more of a meal at our brunch, “The Steve-O” Burger would be a great choice. The maple sausage and bacon will only amplify the sweetness of your rum drink. Another great choice is the Key Lime Salmon sandwich, as the tanginess of the key lime will complement the sweetness of the rum. Cocktails that compliment your meal just taste better, including our special selection of summer cocktails.

Food and Rum: Satisfaction Guaranteed

Generally, rum is paired with desserts like brownies or a lovely rum pudding. A spiced rum like Captain Morgan is a great buddy to vanilla ice cream or other creamy desserts like yogurt. Usually paired with fruit, rum amplifies the sweetness of whatever you eat with it. Perfect for pulled pork or spicy dishes, it elevates your food. 

Classics to Get You Started

Some classic rum cocktails are the mojito, our dark and stormy, and the daiquiri. If simple cocktails like a rum and coke are your bread and butter, try some rum with ginger beer, soda water, or a lemon-lime soda. High-shelf rum can be drunk straight with a splash of water or some ice like any other quality liquor. If the whiskey in an Irish Coffee has never been your thing, try switching it with rum. Also, our Smirnoff crushes are a great alternative if you don’t like rum but still want to celebrate. Always drink responsibly!


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