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Why Outdoor Dining is Good for Your Health

Why Outdoor Dining is Good for Your Health

Eating outdoors comes with a wide range of benefits that move far beyond just getting to enjoy the scenery.

Spring is finally well on its way and with it warm weather and delicious produce! It’s also the perfect time to start moving your meals to the patio. Eating outdoors comes with a wide range of benefits that move far beyond just getting to enjoy the scenery. Moving your dinner to the deck comes with several health and wellness benefits.

Food Is Digested More Easily and Tastes Better

While it’s not necessarily exclusive to eating outdoors, taking the time and effort to be more mindful while eating can have a significant impact on how well you experience taste and in proper digestion. Often, eating outdoors can help to make you more mindful of your surroundings as it is a change from the norm.

Improved Concentration

Being outdoors is shown to have an improved effect on concentration in general. Researches from the Universities of Kansas and Utah noted that natural environments, “are associated with a gentle, soft fascination, allowing the executive attentional system to replenish.” Putting away your phone during dinner and eating outdoors can have a significant effect on your overall ability to concentrate.

Build Vitamin D

When exposed to the sun our bodies are able to create vitamin D, which is vital to many factors of health. Vitamin D is essential for strengthening bones and preventing osteoporosis, but it’s also thought to be critical for preventing cancer, stroke, heart attacks, and depression.

Improve Immune System

Did you know that being under too much stress can actually hurt your immune system? With that in mind, the stress-reducing effects of eating outdoors are even more critical. Additionally, studies have shown that those who spend time outdoors in the woods and around plants have increased cellular activity that responds to tumor formation and viruses. This reaction is believed to be caused by phytoncides, an antimicrobial substance that plants and trees create.


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