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Important Historical Events that Happened in Bars

Important Historical Events that Happened in Bars

Huge events in history and some of our nation’s most treasured arts were born in bars.

Bars have long played a role in the history books. Not only are they a perfect place for socializing, but for a long time they served as a meeting place for intellectuals, military officials and more. Huge events in history and some of our nation’s most treasured arts were born in bars. Today we’ll walk you through some of the many historical events that took place in bars.

The Green Dragon Tavern in Boston – The Planning of the Boston Tea Party

One of the most critical events in the early stages of the American Revolution was the Boston Tea Party. After many Boston based Patriots were fed up with the King of England’s Tea Tax, they met at the Green Dragon to plan their resistance. In December of 1773, they stormed three ships sitting in Boston’s bay and dumped all of the pricy tea overboard. While the original burned down in the early 19th century, a replica exists to this day.

Pete’s Tavern, New York City – The Gift of the Magi is Penned

In 1905 a writer by the name of William Sydney Porter sat down in a booth at this tavern and began to pen one of the most beloved Christmas stories of all time. Porter, who went by the pen name of O. Henry was a frequent patron of the bar and often went there to draft his next work. To this day, his most famous work is read by school children and audiences of all ages.

Tun Tavern, Philadelphia – Founding of the United States Marine Corps

If you know a Marine, you likely already know that begin founded in a bar is a source of historical pride. In November of 1775, Samuel Nicholas, owner of the Tun Tavern was tasked with raising two battalions of Marines. The bar manager, Robert Mullan, took on the position of first Marine Recruiter and quickly began the process of drafting eager young men.

Fraunces Tavern, New York City – George Washington Bids His Officers Farewell

At the end of the Revolutionary War, George Washington took an abrupt leave from his duties as a military officer. Washington was known as a caring and beloved man, who was ready to live a quiet life after witnessing the atrocities of war for countless years. It was in the Fraunces Tavern that he called all his officers to deliver a heartwarming farewell address and show his appreciation for their dedication and service. It would still be several years before he took up the role of President.


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