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What to Order: Meeting Your Unique Nutritional Needs

Check out our guide on what to order based on your unique nutritional needs and diet.

Check out our guide on what to order based on your unique nutritional needs and diet.

When you head out to eat at a restaurant, it can be exciting, but if you or your family members have unique nutritional needs it can also be nerve-wracking. How can you know for sure that the food that you order will meet your nutritional needs? One way to opt for restaurants with diverse menus. It is also important to be honest with your servers and to understand what common food terms that are used in the service industry actually mean.

Low Sodium

Sodium is a mineral that is naturally present in many foods, but it is also added to many processed foods, most often in the form of salt and baking soda. Some sodium is essential in the diet, but there are also many reasons that someone may need to limit their sodium intake. The most common reason to limit sodium is high blood pressure. When things are labeled low-sodium, they have a lower amount of sodium either naturally occurring or added, so that it meets your dietary needs.


Protein is a fundamental building block of all foods, and it is an important macronutrient for diets. Certain dieting methods emphasize eating more protein or monitoring how much protein you eat. The best sources of protein are often meats, but there are also great sources that come from beans and nuts. If you’re looking for great protein sources, look for menu items that say high-protein or ask your server.

Nut Allergies

Nut allergies are very serious and potentially deadly for many people. Nut allergies, including peanut (which isn’t technically a nut) allergies, are the most common in the world. Even foods that are processed on shared equipment or foods that are prepped on the same surface can have cross-contamination that can cause allergic reactions. Menu items that say “nut-free” should be a safe bet, but you can also explain the seriousness of the allergy to your server when you order.


Gluten is another component of many foods that causes issues for people. Celiac disease and gluten intolerance can cause big issues. There are gluten-free substitutes for many common foods and there are also foods that are naturally gluten-free. If a menu item is labeled as “gluten-free” it should be safe for you to consume, but you can always ask your server to be extra careful of cross-contamination.


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