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Why Do People at Bars Use Coasters?

Why Do People at Bars Use Coasters?

Coasters help keep the condensation from drinks from leaving water marks behind.

At home, you might wonder why anyone would fuss about using a coaster. But did you know that at bars they are incredibly useful? Let’s find out why.


Coasters help keep the condensation from drinks from leaving water marks behind. You can see this effect on your coffee table at home and you might not think much of it. But the countertops at the bar needs to be kept presentable. Even though the patrons are probably going to leave stains behind, that doesn’t mean you should be a rude customer as well.

Coasters on Top of Drinks

Bartenders and servers are trained to clear away drink glasses. Don’t leave a drink unattended on the counter or a table, even if it is water. The glassware probably needs to be reused so it can be washed and cleaned before the next customer needs it for their drink. People often put a coaster on top of their drink. This is the universal signal for “I’ll be right back, please don’t take my drink away.” This way, you can step away and come back to finish your drink. Just try to be considerate. Five minutes is acceptable, but forty-five is bad form.

Sending Signals

Finally, putting a coaster on top of a drink also sends signals to your drinking companions. It helps hold your seat when the bar is crowded and the counter is so busy you are afraid that you’ll lose your spot when you get up to wash your hands. There is plenty of unwritten and unspoken etiquette around this trick though. Practice good manners and common sense. Going to find a friend should only take a few minutes. That way, you can lead them back to your table and get them a bite to eat or hold their coat while they go to the bathroom. Don’t hold onto your seat if you plan to be away for longer than a few minutes. That is in poor taste and sends the wrong signals to everyone else in the bar.


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