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Lesser-Known Health Benefits from Drinking Whiskey 

Lesser-Known Health Benefits from Drinking Whiskey 

You may be shocked to know that whiskey is more than just an enjoyable drink to have after a long day at work.

Like anything great in life, whiskey is meant to be enjoyed in moderation. However, you may be shocked to know that whiskey is more than an enjoyable drink until you share it with your friends after work at State Fare. It actually carries quite a few meaningful health benefits. When you do have that sweet, savory glass, you do not have to feel bad about your decision. That’s right: not only does whiskey taste great, but it is good for you. State Fare has a wide selection of different whiskeys, as well as dine-in and take-out happy hour specials all week, so come in today! Here are a handful of the lesser-known health benefits of whiskey drinking.

Lowers Your Risk for Heart Disease

According to various studies, a glass of whiskey a day can greatly reduce your risk of heart failure or heart disease. A Harvard study showed that a moderate amount of alcohol raises the amount of “good cholesterol” in your bloodstream. This is a natural protection against heart diseases.

Can Help You Fight Cancer

Although it should not be used as your primary treatment, research has shown that whiskey can help you fight cancer. Whiskey contains ellagic acid, which also helps absorb rogue cells located in your body. This acid is typically found in wine and fruit but found in higher levels in whiskey.

Helps with Weight Loss

Not only is whiskey great in flavor, but it also contains very little sodium and no fat. The sugar in the drink is simple sugar too, which is quickly processed by the body. This can help out with weight loss. Moderate beer drinkers usually lose muscle tone and increase their “beer gut.’ However, by switching to whiskey, you can keep off the pounds while still enjoying yourself.

Control of Diabetes Risk

If you’re at risk for diabetes, whiskey is good for you then. The sweet beverage has been shown to reduce the chances of diabetes by up to 40%. According to studies, a moderate amount of whiskey can improve your body’s ability to regulate your glucose and insulin levels. This is because of all of the simple sugars that are in the drink, which are quite easy to process. If you can control your body’s blood sugar, you lower your risk of developing diabetes significantly.


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