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Four Ways to Drink Whiskey

how to drink whiskey

Explore four delicious ways to drink whiskey at State Fare.

Whiskey is a drink that has been a favorite of many people for countless years. At State Fare, we are huge fans of the drink and offer our guests numerous ways to drink whiskey. Besides offering a variety of enjoyable drinks, we also spotlight whiskey every Wednesday for “Whiskey Wednesdays.” Every week on that day, all whiskeys are half-off from 8 p.m. to closing. Every other weekday, everything at the bar is half off from 2 to 5 p.m. during Happy Hour. If you’re looking to wade into the wondrous world of whiskey, and take advantage of our unbeatable deals, read on for the best four ways you can enjoy a glass of strong whiskey. 

Drink Whiskey Straight or Neat 

Those who want to embrace the full flavor of their glass of whiskey may prefer to drink their whiskey straight or neat. This means your drink is just whiskey, without even an ice cube added. With the high alcohol content and bold flavor profile, straight whiskey is guaranteed to jolt your tastebuds. 

Drink Whiskey with Water

A splash of water can make a surprising amount of difference for your glass of whiskey. A little water releases water-repellant elements in the glass, which allows you to detect more aromatics of the drink. Water also lowers the alcohol content, which will enable you to taste more of the flavors. You can add water to whiskey by transporting a drop or two with a straw. Swirl your glass, take a sip, and repeat until you find what you’re looking for. Or, you can always ask your bartender to add a splash of water. 

Whiskey on the Rocks

Sure, “whiskey on the rocks” sounds cool but don’t order it unless you really want that chilled glass of whiskey. Ice can numb your palate and dull the flavors if you’re not careful. Typically, one large ice cube is what you want for your drink rather than small cubes or chunks of ice which melt and dilute your whiskey faster. 

Whiskey Cocktails

Of course, if you want to drink whiskey while enjoying various other sweet or bitter flavors and garnishes, you can order your favorite whiskey cocktail. Drinking whiskey cocktails can also be a great way to get used to the taste of whiskey and eventually work up to being one of those impressive whiskey neat drinkers. 

Two popular whiskey cocktails are the whiskey sour and Manhattan. The whiskey sour contains lemon juice, simple syrup, and a cherry for a garnish for a sweet/sour mix. The Manhattan is good for those who want something bolder, with its mix of sweet vermouth and Angostura bitters.


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