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5 Fun Facts About Mimosas

fun facts about mimosas

Discover a few fun facts about mimosas, our favorite brunch drink.

If you have spent a weekend afternoon or two enjoying State Fare brunch, then you know all about mimosas and how delicious they can be. However, even the drink’s biggest fans may not know some of the following fun facts about this brunch staple. If you want to wow your friends with some trivia this weekend, read on for five of the most fun facts about one of our favorite brunch drinks: the mimosa. 

There Is a National Mimosa Day

Yup! It turns out there is pretty much a day on the calendar reserved for all of our favorite food and drinks. National Mimosa Day falls on May 16th every year  — a perfect spring day to sit outside and enjoy a long, enjoyable brunch with a few mimosas. 

Mimosas Come From France

While the British are considered responsible for originating Sunday Brunch, the French are considered the founders of the classic brunch beverage. The first mimosa was served at the Ritz Hotel in Paris way back in 1925, and were supposedly invented by Frank Meier. 

Not All Mimosas Are Alike

The standard mimosa mixes Champagne and orange juice, but creative bartenders can put several twists on this recipe. The original mimosa, for example, was made with a 50/50 mix of Champagne and orange juice. However, some claim that the original recipe used was for a drink now known as Buck’s Fizz. This contains one ounce of Champagne for two ounces of fresh-squeezed orange juice. For an extra twist, fans of mimosas can add a splash of Triple Sex or Grand Marnier to their glass. 

Mimosas Have a Floral Namesake

What is a mimosa? The namesake for the bright orange drink is the equally colorful flower of the same name. This flower is native to southern Mexico and Central and South America. 

Bottomless Mimosas Are Found at State Fare Every Weekend

Every weekend from 8 a.m. to 2 p.m., State Fare offers $15 bottomless mimosas to our brunch guests. A Sunday afternoon is made infinitely better by enjoying our tasty breakfast options alongside some mimosas, good friends, and fresh air. If you want to mix up your drink order, we also offer bottomless Bloody Mary’s and orange crushes! 


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