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Take-Out Specials: How to Bring State Fare Home With You

take-out specials state fare

Explore some of State Fare’s best take-out specials for food and drinks!

At State Fare, we have a wide array of delicious and unique meals and drinks our customers can enjoy. However, we understand that you may not feel ready to spend your evening with us right now. Or, you’re caught up in end-of-year errands and need to pick up something quick for your family. Either way, we’ve made it easy to enjoy some of the best State Fare flavors at home when you feel like enjoying our cuisine or bar options. Read on for a few of our best take-out specials that you can use to bring State Fare home with you. 

Weekly Family Meal Specials

Every week, we offer family take-out specials Monday through Friday. You can check our Facebook page for regular updates on the meals we are offering each day. Look out for Fridays, where we often sell our crab cake meals! Every family meal has enough food for four, with a hearty mix of satisfying entrees and flavorful side dishes. Meals typically cost between $35 and $45 and can be preordered. Then, you just have to pick up your meal at State Fare, take it home, and heat everything to the instructions provided. 

Freshly-Canned State Fare Beverages

If you’re looking for something new to drink, you can stock your fridge with 32 ounces of freshly-canned drinks from our bar. If you want to enjoy brunch drinks at home, you can pick up orange or grapefruit crushes with fresh-squeezed juice for $14. Or, you can select your favorite draft beer for $12. Right now, in December, we are also offering our boozy eggnog for $14. Take your pick, and take home your 32-ounce cans to enjoy whenever you like! 

Game Day Take-Out Specials

On game days, we may offer take-out specials for those having a watch party at home. These specials contain nearly nine pounds of juicy, crispy wings with your choice of four sauces. In addition to that, it comes with carrot and celery sticks with blue cheese or ranch dressing. Plus, for $8, you can add on a six-pack of Game of Chairs blueberry lemon sour craft beer! 

No matter what you prefer, State Fare can provide you with a meal or drink that can help you kick back, take it easy, and savor delicious food this winter. 


State Fare is conveniently located at 748 Frederick Road in Catonsville, Maryland. Our extensive menu has a variety of unique options for breakfast, lunch, and dinner that are sure to please even the pickiest of eaters. We even have many vegetarian, vegan, and gluten-free options! Our fully-stocked bar holds a huge collection of bourbons and whiskeys, as well as several different wines. On tap, we have several different local craft beers to show off the best beer that Maryland has to offer. We’re open every day from 8 am until 2 am, so make your reservation or just stop in and see us today!

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