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An Introduction to Chicken and Waffles

State Fare's chicken and waffles

Learn about the delicious everyday dish chicken and waffles, then try ours at State Fare!

The sweet and salty breakfast classic of chicken and waffles is a favorite for many. At State Fare, we serve chicken and waffles all day on our breakfast menu. Our version features delicious chive and gouda waffles with buttermilk fried chicken, jalapeno raspberry jelly, and maple whipped butter. There are countless ways to eat fried chicken and waffles because the dish has been around in one form or another for hundreds of years. Read more to discover some delectable facts about this breakfast and brunch staple. 

The Birth of Fried Chicken

What is Fricassee?

The earliest form of fried chicken was called fricassee, which consisted of fried chicken pieces braised in sauce. Fricassee was popular during the medieval period and required an iron pot, meat, and fat.

“Brown Fricasey”

A popular American colonial cookbook, The Art of Cookery, by Hannah Glasse, featured a recipe for “Brown Fricasey.” This recipe instructed the chef to coat chicken pieces with egg, then spiced breadcrumbs, then fry them in butter. 

In 1881, African American cook Abby Fisher wrote a recipe for fried chicken in her book What Mrs. Fisher Knows About Old Southern Cooking. This recipe involved flour, fat, and a thin gravy finishing. 

Civil War Fried Chicken

During the Civil War, soldiers were sent fried chicken in their care packages. Why? Because the frying process made it harder for the meat to spoil so that it could survive the long journey. 

The Evolution of Waffles

Middle Ages 

Waffles originated as far back as the Middle Ages, emerging from the communion wafers produced by bakeries for church. 

Thomas Jefferson’s Waffle Iron

The third president of the United States and a one-time ambassador to France brought back a French waffle iron to the United States in the 1790s. This started a mini-waffle craze as the trendy kitchen tool spread in popularity. 

Chicken and Waffles, Together At Last

Pennsylvania Dutch Country

A version of chicken and waffles appears in Pennsylvania Dutch country during the 17th century. At this time, pulled chicken and gravy topped the waffles.

Chicken and Waffles At Wells

A different version of the chicken and waffles combo appeared in 1938 in Harlem, New York. The Wells Supper Club, or “Wells,” was a hotspot for late-night musicians who showed up to eat after dinner but before breakfast. This dish was a tasty compromise. 

West Coast Chicken and Waffles

As the combo became more popular, it made its way to Los Angeles with the help of Harlem native Herb Hudson. Hudson opened an entire restaurant devoted to the dish in 1975, named Roscoe’s House of Chicken and Waffles. 


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