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Five Types of Glasses You Can Find at Your Local Bar

Five Types of Glasses You Can Find at Your Local Bar

When you order a drink at a bar or restaurant, you may notice that there are a few more types of glasses than you might find at home.

When you order a drink at a bar or restaurant, you may notice that there are a few more types than you might find at home. If you’re operating a full bar, different glasses have different purposes and some help a bar run smoother and help drinks taste better. While there’s no need for you to have all of the types of glasses you might find at a bar, knowing a little more about each type can help you understand your drink a little better!

Standard Wine Glasses

Depending on the types and quality of wine being served, you may find that there are multiple types of wine glasses offered. Wines from different regions are best experienced in different kinds of glasses. In general, red wine is served in a glass with a broader bowl while white is in a more narrow one. If you are a casual wine drinker, or if the restaurant doesn’t specialize in wine, having just a standard size wine glass is usually fine. Standard glasses can be used for any type of wine and are particularly good for sangria.

Champagne Flutes

Unlike other types of wine, the smell of champagne is not as important for the experience of drinking, so the glasses are long and narrow. The shape allows for fewer bubbles to escape before there is a chance to drink it. While champagne is often reserved for special occasions, prosecco and sparkling rose have become wildly popular and can be served in the same glass.

Martini Glasses

As one of the most iconic glasses of all time, the classic martini glass is perfect for many different types of cocktails. From cosmos to olive laden martinis, the cocktail glass is a stunning way to showcase fancy beverages.

Old Fashioned Glasses

For drinks served straight with ice, the old fashioned glass has a thick bottom that minimizes contact with whatever surface it will be rested on. Often these are also called whiskey glasses as they are most commonly used for serving whiskey, scotch or similar beverages.

Highball Glasses

As with champagne flutes, the high narrow sides of a highball glass help to keep fizz from escaping and is used for all varieties of cocktails with carbonation. Drinks like Mojitos and gin and tonics are best served in highball glasses. Larger drinks without fizz are also often served in highball glasses; bloody mary’s, for instance, are best in a taller glass as they often require large amounts of a mixer and heavy toppings.


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